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Lellobee City Farm

2 Seasons

Lellobee City Farm is a fun, music-based show for preschoolers. Set in the fantastical urban micro-farm, where neighbourhood kids gather to play, sing, help each other and learn. The Lellobee Farm is looked after by Mei: a bright, music and food-loving grandmother. She enjoys nothing more than teaching her adventurous granddaughter Ella all the wondrous magic and fun of the farm. Ella’s best friend Rishi, a shy but curious boy who lives opposite the farm, drops by each episode to muck into the fun too! Each episode explores a huge array of subjects: from the environmental “How do plants grow?” to any social, emotional, and educational developmental skills (Caring, Sharing, Nurturing, Patience, Collaboration, Teamwork, Exercise) to Hard Learning (Counting, ABC’s, Animal Sounds).