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Watch thousands of videos featuring popular characters, new hits from around the world, and educational based shows. 

Family MomentsTM

Kidoodle.TV's newest feature, Family Moments™, allows parents to safely upload or record family videos in-app and store them within Kidoodle.TV for playback and sharing.

Multiple Devices

Kidoodle.TV is accessible from iOS devices, Android devices, and MACs, PCs, and will be expanding to gaming consoles, smart TVs and other devices. You can take your Family Moments™ anywhere and share with friends and family across multiple platforms.

Extensive Parental Controls

The passcode-protected Parents Room allows parents to customize the viewing experience for up to five household users.
Parental controls include:

  • Time Limits
  • Bedtime Curfews
  • Age Category Filtering
  • Parental Analytics
  • Title Selection
  • Wifi-only Option

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