YOUniverse (2016)

In this series of whimsical and beautiful shorts, preschoolers guide the viewer through their vision of the universe. Full of imaginative and stunning visuals, each episode features a specific art style to match the uniqueness of a child’s imagination.
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Season 1

The First Girl To Step On Mars
Season 1, Episodes 1

Annika’s YOUniverse is all about space dolphins and flying bunny rabbits. Annika also ...
wants to be the first person to set foot on Mars. She better start packing, if she wants to be first. Did you know that in our real universe, it would take about six-to-eight months to get to Mars by conventional rocket ship? Wow, that’s a long time.

My Pink, Purple And Fuzzy Planet
Season 1, Episodes 2

Jessica’s YOUniverse is full of planets, but only one is pink purple and fuzzy. She lo...
ves that planet because it keeps her warm at night and tickles her toes. Did you know that in our real universe, blue stars are the hottest and red stars are the coldest? Isn’t that neat? That is what makes our Universe so amazing!

Space Doors
Season 1, Episodes 3

Ashton’s YOUniverse has space doors that allow him to visit different Solar Systems an...
d visit planets full of strange creatures and other mysteries. Did you know that in our real universe, there are actual black holes in space that are so strong it can devour light? That is kind of scary… but also kind of neat.

Space Tourist
Season 1, Episodes 4

Oonah’s YOUniverse is ready to be explored. She will take a space train to visit plane...
ts with flowers, rainbows and unicorns. Did you know that in our real universe, engineers are building new types of spacecrafts that will bring us into orbit and maybe even to Mars? If you get to go to Mars, pack some books and bring some seeds to plant for Oonah when you get there!

Season 1, Episodes 5

Triceton’s YOUniverse is full of constellations. He loves that word. It’s fun to say...
. Triceton always likes to draw imaginary pictures of anything he sees in the stars with his sister. Did you know that in our real universe, people have been looking at constellations for thousands of years? Boy, that sure is a long time. There must be lots of pictures in space!

Space Surfer
Season 1, Episodes 6

Laura's YOUniverse is full of ice crystal tidal waves that bend and curl through the gal...
axy. She likes to surf the stars any chance she gets. Did you know that in our real universe, we live in the Milky Way Galaxy? It isn’t really made of milk, but with all the stars and gases it makes a milky patch in space.

Ice Worlds
Season 1, Episodes 7

Joey's YOUniverse is cold, windy and blue. He likes to send popcorn to his blue alien fr...
iends and swim underwater to discover new alien fish. Did you know that in our real universe we send robot rovers out to search for water and signs of life? Maybe one day we’ll find some new friends.

Space Doctor
Season 1, Episodes 8

Hanna’s YOUniverse is feeling sick. As a space doctor, Hanna will help make the univer...
se feel better one planet at a time. Did you know in our real universe, space stations and space ships get broken and need to be fixed? Like a doctor, the astronauts must fix the station or ship to make it work again.

Playing In Space
Season 1, Episodes 9

Henry’s YOUniverse is a fun place to play in. Henry’s planet looks like a soccer bal...
l that can open into a soccer field for aliens to play on. Did you know that in our real universe, Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield played his guitar while in space? How cool is that.

Space Feathers
Season 1, Episodes 10

Evelyn’s YOUniverse is pretty. She would love to build a pink feather planet and decor...
ate it with colourful gems. Did you know in our real universe, scientists are planning new ways to live on other planets like Mars? What would your house look like on Mars?

Tin Foil Planets
Season 1, Episodes 11

Ben’s YOUniverse is full of tinfoil planets. He will build a tin rocket ship and blast...
off into space to look for signs of life. Did you know that in our real universe, humans have sent space probes into deep interstellar space? Voyager 2 has already gone past Neptune and is still going. Wow, that is really far.

Glowing Rainbows And Nebulas
Season 1, Episodes 12

Melania’s YOUniverse is full of super bright rainbows that make neon energy to paint t...
he stars and planets as they spin and glow. Did you know that in our real universe, a Nebula was once a star? When stars get old they can explode. All the stardust and gasses that are left over form a nebula. They are so pretty!

My Solar System
Season 1, Episodes 13

Jacob’s YOUniverse is in his very own Solar System. He will visit the Sun and watch a ...
dragon breathing fire onto it to keep it warm. Jacob will then fly to the edge of our Solar System and send a message to deep space. Did you know that in our real universe, we have eight big planets in our Solar System? We also have five dwarf planets and each planet has one or more moons around them.

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