Will’s Jams (2016)

Will's Jams, starring Canadian kid’s entertainer Will Stroet, is a campy and educational series of music videos for preschoolers.
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Season 1

Henry The Meowing Dog
Season 1, Episodes 1

This quirky video about a dog with a major identity crisis is laugh-out-loud funny. ...

Hygiene and Eugene
Season 1, Episodes 2

Two super clean siblings with impeccable hygiene will get kids loving the “dreaded” ...
morning and bedtime routines.

Hockey's Just Really Cool
Season 1, Episodes 3

This action-packed video emphasizes sportsmanship and being a team player and will inspi...
re kids to get outside and play.

Kick It!
Season 1, Episodes 4

Ogy ogy ogy! Oi Oi Oi! The call-and-response chorus will have kids pumped to play soccer...
or cheer on siblings and friends on the sidelines.

Season 1, Episodes 5

Kick start your morning by jamming with Will as he steps back to the 1960s to bring colo...
ur and life back into a family’s boring breakfast.

Bike Safety Boogie
Season 1, Episodes 6

Learn about bike safety and the rules of the road in one punchy chorus. From strapping o...
n your helmet to learning hand signals, you’ll be humming this song on your next ride.!

I Feel So Blue
Season 1, Episodes 7

Be transported to Will’s wacky and colourful world with a pink flying pig, blue whale,...
and green turtle while learning about colours and emotions.

I'm Gonna Walk
Season 1, Episodes 8

Join Will in a paper-cut animated world as he walks and sings in the desert, in the ocea...
n, at the Olympic Games, and on a farm.

Full Of Beans
Season 1, Episodes 9

Learn about counting and vegetables in this clever stop-motion animated video that’ll ...
have any kid craving carrots and broccoli at mealtime.

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