Shaman’s Quest (2014)

Shaman’s Quest is a series of stories about a guy called Tuck, who solves usual problems by unusual means. Being neighbors with a giant pelican, surviving the attack of a huge mammoth, global warming, dealing with a snowman, moving to a new iceberg - this is Tuck’s everyday routine. His deer and tambourine help him survive through these troubles and keep his wool on. In worst-case scenarios there is also a hypno-shaman who lives on a mountain and who can rescue Tuck.
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Season 1

Episode 1
Season 1, Episodes 1

Tuk solves a problem at home....

Episode 2
Season 1, Episodes 2

Tuk brings home dinner....

Episode 3
Season 1, Episodes 3

Tuk solves a problem of an intrusive noise....

Episode 4
Season 1, Episodes 4

This time Tuk has to start the fire....

Episode 5
Season 1, Episodes 5

This time Tuk has to return his wife back from far, far away....

Episode 6
Season 1, Episodes 6

Tuk fixes a broken guitar string with the help of man's best friend....

Episode 7
Season 1, Episodes 7

Tuk chases down some thieves....

Episode 8
Season 1, Episodes 8

What will you do if your house and you are separated by a huge hole? Tuk knows what to d...

Episode 9
Season 1, Episodes 9

Tuk deals with a frozen pooch and dinner....

Episode 10
Season 1, Episodes 10

This is the last story about shaman Tuk, his dog, his wife and his world. Tuk deals with...
a pesky polar bear.

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