Kit ^n^ Kate (2014)

Two small kitties named Kit and Kate love their toy box. As soon as they hop inside, magic starts to happen. Kid’s imagination transforms their room into a blueberry island, race track or a medieval castle. Every time the kitties create a whole new world with amazing discoveries, surprises and not-so-easy-to-solve dilemmas.
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Season 1

Mad Mad Mad
Season 1, Episodes 1

Kit and Kate decide to be painters, but Kit gets angry when the subjects of his painting...
s don't behave the way he planned. LESSON: Just because things don't go the way you planned doesn't mean you can't have fun.

Time To Climb
Season 1, Episodes 2

Kit and Kate decide to go and climb Swiss Cheese Mountain, but Kate bites off more than ...
she can chew when she sneaks off to the part of the mountain that is for adults only. LESSON: There are reasons certain places and activities are for adults and big kids only. Playing like a big kid means knowing how to play smart.

The Catelephant
Season 1, Episodes 3

Kit and Kate go to a medieval village in search of a dragoon, a mythical creature that i...
s half dragon and half balloon. Along the way they meet a catelephant who offers to help them, but his funny elephant nose makes Kit uncomfortable. LESSON: It doesn't matter what someone looks like — what matters is if they're friendly or not.

The Great Race
Season 1, Episodes 4

Kit and Kate enter the Great Scooter Race down Willy Nilly Hill, but the kittens have tr...
ouble in their race against the ducks when they discover that each of their scooter kits doesn't have enough parts. LESSON: If you think about others and not just yourself, you can accomplish your goals together.

Baking Buddies
Season 1, Episodes 5

Kit and Kate want to bake the Squirrel Princess a birthday cake in the royal kitchen, bu...
t when they decide not to follow the recipe the cake doesn't come out like they had hoped. LESSON: It might not always be as much fun just to do what the directions say, but you'll probably be a whole lot happier with the end result!

The Kittie Express
Season 1, Episodes 6

Kit and Kate must pass a test to become postmen for the Kitty Express, but run into trou...
ble when they both choose not to help with each other's part of the job. LESSON: Working together by helping each other, even if it's not your job, can lead to a much better outcome.

Safari So Bad
Season 1, Episodes 7

Kit and Kate go on a photo safari to take the first picture ever of the Sneaky Sneaker M...
onkey. But when they impatiently take off without getting properly prepared, they find the jungle a tough place to get through. LESSON: If you take the time to get ready BEFORE you leave you’ll be ready to do what you want once you get there!

Season 1, Episodes 8

Kit and Kate become magicians who plan to perform their magic tricks at a big magic show...
, but they can't figure out what kind of magic the doorman is looking for to let them in the theater. LESSON: "Please" and "thank you" are the most powerful magic words of all.

Super Duper Party Pooper
Season 1, Episodes 9

Kit and Kate head off to Partyland! But Kit spoils the fun for everyone when a spin of t...
he party wheel makes it Kate's special day, not his. LESSON: Helping someone else have their special day makes it a special day for everyone.

Snow Lie
Season 1, Episodes 10

Kit and Kate use a compass to fly to the North Pole and build a snowman with the ducks. ...
But the team flies headlong into trouble when Kate breaks the compass and then hides her mistake from the others. LESSON: If you make a mistake or cause an accident, tell the truth, so people can help you fix the problem.

Don't Be Shellfish
Season 1, Episodes 11

Kit and Kate become deep-sea divers who want to make a pearl necklace for their mom. But...
the oysters aren't happy when they discover the kittens trying to take their pearls while they're asleep. LESSON: if something doesn’t belong to you, you should never take it without asking first.

The Candy Kingdom
Season 1, Episodes 12

Kit and Kate must rescue the fair Princess of Candy Kingdom from a high tower before the...
evil witch returns and turns her into a frog. But they can't figure out how to get the princess down using only the things they find there. LESSON: There may be more than one way to use the tools you have to solve a problem, if you think creatively.

The Treasure of Parrot Point
Season 1, Episodes 13

Pirates Kit and Kate set sail to dig for buried treasure, but when it is time to pick th...
e digging tools they'll need, the kittens choose the pretty shovels instead of the strong ones. LESSON: It's better to choose tools that are good for the job, not just good looking

Hoe-Down Slow Down
Season 1, Episodes 14

Kit and Kate want to play music at a big barn dance, but their plans for the concert get...
ruined when they leave both their instruments and the banner for the dance out in the rain. LESSON: When you've finished playing outside, it's important to put your things away so they’ll stay safe.

The Big Bouquet
Season 1, Episodes 15

Kit and Kate want to help a baby dinosaur pick a beautiful bouquet of flowers for his mo...
ther in the flower meadow. But when the threesome decides to make the bouquet bigger and bigger, the meadow is destroyed. LESSON: If you take more than you need then there's nothing left to enjoy later.

I Can't Wait
Season 1, Episodes 16

Kit and Kate go to an amusement park to ride the world famous Linguini Loop de Loop. ...
LESSON: Good things come to those who wait.

Quit Buggin' Me
Season 1, Episodes 17

Kit and Kate fly to planet Zoltron to locate the source of singing being picked up by Mi...
ssion Control. But when the kittens find and capture the singing Jigglebugs, their rough treatment of the of the little creatures ruins their mission. LESSON: Treat others the way you would want to be treated yourself.

Go Cry a Kite
Season 1, Episodes 18

Kit and Kate go to fly a kite in Gusty Gulch, but when a gust of wind gets the kite stu...
ck in a tree Kate gets hysterical and can't stop crying. She cries so hard she ends up flooding the whole gulch! LESSON: Crying isn't bad, but won’t help you figure out how to solve a problem.

Bubble Trouble
Season 1, Episodes 19

Kit and Kate go to Bubble Beach to make bubble castles. LESSON: Find out why someone ...
did something to you before just getting mad at them.

All Fired Up
Season 1, Episodes 20

To be like "real" firemen, Kit and Kate search for a fire to put out. Finding none, they...
convince a young dragon to start one for them, but the fire spreads out of control. LESSON: Don't play with fire. A real fireman prevents fires from starting in the first place.

A Couple of Quacks
Season 1, Episodes 21

Kit and Kate become doctors who want their patients to have fun. The "Fun Doctors" are ...
put to the test when Quick, Quack, and Quake arrive too sick to perform in Duck Lake that night. Will the kittens' fun treatment cure the ducks in time? LESSON: If you want to get better, you have to do what the doctor orders.

Hair and Share Alike
Season 1, Episodes 22

Kit and Kate become hair stylists in Poodleville for Woofy and Poofy, two celebrity pood...
les competing in the Woofminster Dog Show. But their dream job turns into a messy disaster when Kit refuses to share the styling supplies with Kate. LESSON: You have to share things that belong to everybody. Taking them doesn't make them yours.

Home Sweet Home
Season 1, Episodes 23

Kit and Kate get invited for lunch at Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house, but after...
too much candy, they can't eat a special meal Hansel and Gretel made for them, which causes hurt feelings. LESSON: Eating too many sweets can spoil your appetite.

Too Few Clues
Season 1, Episodes 24

Kit and Kate become detectives, assigned to catch a jewel thief who robbed a museum, but...
the criminal gets away when the kittens rush to make an arrest before gathering all the clues. LESSON: If you don't have all the facts, it's easy to get the wrong answer.

Drop Everything
Season 1, Episodes 25

Kit and Kate go to work at the airport packing supplies that need to be delivered by a c...
argo plane. But the supplies get all mixed up when the kittens start playing around and run out of time to sort them properly. LESSON: It's better to finish your work before you start playing.

The Wishing Stars
Season 1, Episodes 26

Astronomers Kit and Kate plan to stay up to watch a rare meteor shower that night, but t...
hey sleep through the amazing event after they refuse to rest up for it with a nap. LESSON: Naps give you the energy to do things later in the day.

Duckie See, Duckie Do
Season 1, Episodes 27

Kit and Kate go to play at a waterpark. Kit, disappointed by the dilapidated park, dama...
ges it more out of frustratioin -- setting a terrible example for the ducks in the process. LESSON: Setting a bad example can make more bad things happen — but setting a GOOD example can help GOOD things happen.

Stay Put
Season 1, Episodes 28

Kit and Kate hike with a group along Twisty Trail. Getting separated from the group, the...
y get even more lost when they try to find them -- rather than staying put like the group leader had instructed. LESSON: If you lose your group, stay where you are and let the others come find you.

The Cheat is On
Season 1, Episodes 29

Kit and Kate play hide and seek with the ducks, but soon Kate and the ducks quit, when t...
hey realize Kit must be cheating. LESSON: No one likes to play with a cheater.

Bossy Bossy Bossy
Season 1, Episodes 30

Kit and Kate want to build a house for the ducks, and Kit wants to be in charge. But the...
house ends up sinking into the lake when Kit refuses to try anyone's ideas but his own. LESSON: Being the boss means listening to your team.

The Real Deal
Season 1, Episodes 31

Movie directors Kit and Kate shoot a film starring a comical elf. But after the kittens ...
break their promise to let the elf perform his special dance, they find their film mysteriously ruined. LESSON: A deal is a deal.

Season 1, Episodes 32


Season 2

Kit ^n^ Kate Colouring
Season 2, Episodes 1

Kit ^n^ Kate Colouring ep1...

Kit ^n^ Kate Colouring
Season 2, Episodes 2

Kit ^n^ Kate Colouring ep2...

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