Franklin and Friends (2016)

Franklin, the fun-loving, curious turtle, makes his way through daily challenges and adventures, learning life lessons along with pals Snail, Rabbit, Beaver, Fox, Goose and his best buddy Bear
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Season 1

Franklin and the Gecko Games / Franklin's All Ears
Season 1, Episodes 1

Franklin and Beaver compete to be Gordon the Gecko's sitter. / Franklin and Snail do som...
e snooping and think their friends are planning a party.

Franklin's Special Job / Franklin Needs a Reminder
Season 1, Episodes 2

Franklin searches for a Special Job, which turns out to be playing with Harriet. / Frank...
lin uses his friendship with Bear to bend the rules.

Franklin and the Wonder / Franklin the Little Bubble
Season 1, Episodes 3

Franklin and Aunt T help Rabbit overcome his fear of public speaking. / Franklin sabotag...
es Aunt T's party.

Franklin Helps Out / Franklin's Partner
Season 1, Episodes 4

Franklin fulfils a promise to help Aunt T with her chores. / Franklin and Bear combine t...
heir ideas to make a great bumpy buggy.

Franklin and the Pinecone Pass / Franklin and the Creepy Clock
Season 1, Episodes 5

Franklin thinks Rabbit is now Bears best friend. / Franklin reads Harriet a scary story....

Franklin and the Berry Bogie / Franklin sees a Storm
Season 1, Episodes 6

The Super Clupers work to find the Berry Bogie. / A storm hits Woodland....

Franklin and the Blue Begonia / Franklin the Planner
Season 1, Episodes 7

Someone picks Mr. Groundhog's blue Begonia. / Franklin makes a plan for a new tree fort....

Franklin's Ups and Downs / Franklin's New Teacher
Season 1, Episodes 8

Franklin and Bear help each other out! / Mr. Owl is replaced with a substitute teacher....

Franklin and the Snow Princess / Franklin and the Firefly Festival
Season 1, Episodes 9

Beaver gets hurt practicing his skating. / Bear needs a dance for the Firefly Festival....

Franklin and Snail Mail / Franklin and the Mooseratops
Season 1, Episodes 10

Franklin helps snail see the world. / Franklin and Bear decide to be Mooseratops....

Franklin Finds a Treasure / Franklin and the Tunnel Team-Up
Season 1, Episodes 11

Franklin and Bear search of buried treasure. / Bear and Franklin are in a Bumpy Buggy ra...

Franklin and the Snow Dragon / Franklin Gets Bugged
Season 1, Episodes 12

Franklin spends three days at Bears house! / Franklin builds a bug habitat....

Franklin in the Stars / Franklin and Sam
Season 1, Episodes 13

Clouds ruin Franklin's plans to star gaze. / Harriet refuses to give Sam back to Frankli...

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