Dino Story (2015)

Rockin’ music videos about all your favorite dinosaurs. We have the biggest, the baddest, but also the cutest dinos!
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Season 1

Season 1, Episodes 1


The Egg
Season 1, Episodes 2

The Egg...

Triceratops – Do You Know Who I Am?
Season 1, Episodes 3

Little baby dino Terri the Triceratops has just hatched from her shell and is trying to ...
find out who she is.

Stegosaurus Walking Through the Forest
Season 1, Episodes 4

Stegosaurus Walking Through the Forest...

Jenny Was an Ankylosaurus
Season 1, Episodes 5

Jenny Was an Ankylosaurus...

Dinosaurs are Drinking by the River
Season 1, Episodes 6

All the Dinosaurs are thirsty so they are headed to the river!...

Season 1, Episodes 7

Parasaurolphus is hard to pronounce for sure but this dinosaur will teach us a ton of ot...
her dino names too!

T-Rex chases Triceratops
Season 1, Episodes 8

Can Terri the Triceratops escape from the nasty T-Rex??...

I'm a Pterodactyl
Season 1, Episodes 9

I'm a Pterodactyl...

Season 1, Episodes 10


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