Counting with Paula (2014)

Counting with Paula features Paula and her friends, Tim, Billy, Chalkie, Calc and the Numbers as they go on exciting adventures in colorful and exotic places. From the Amazon jungles to the deepest oceans, and to the hottest deserts and even outer space, Paula and friends solve problems, have fun and make more friends along the way!
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Season 1

A Friend Missing
Season 1, Episodes 1

Meet the gang of 5 that will be taking you on some great adventures. One of them, unfort...
unately, goes missing. Paula, Billy, Chalky and Tim discover they have to go to the jungle in search of Calc. There, they encounter crocodiles and a totem head. Will they succeed in their quest?

Cupcake Gone
Season 1, Episodes 2

Paula’s mum has baked some cupcakes but one of them is missing! Has someone eaten it o...
r is it in Candyland? The gang goes in search of it in the land of their dreams! Surrounded by cotton candy bushes and jellybeans, will the kids be tempted by the sweets or will they march on and complete their mission?

Sea Toy Story
Season 1, Episodes 3

One of Paula’s sea toys is missing. The children have to dive into the depths of the m...
ysterious Underwater World in order to find it. An eight-legged sea animal helps them out and they get to meet an enchanting sea creature that many have read about in stories but few have seen.

Treasure Hunting
Season 1, Episodes 4

Ship Ahoy! The children pretend to be pirates, and the game ends up leading them to Trea...
sure Island, where they would meet a real, rather scary pirate! Captain Redbeard has their golden (or is it rubber?) duck. Will he keep his word and return it to them if they do his bidding?

Who’s Got Our Apple?
Season 1, Episodes 5

Join the kids for their first picnic! Before they can begin, though, they have to find t...
heir missing apple. They travel to the Big Garden, where they meet the magical Garden Gnome. He sends them on a mission that shows them the beauty of Mother Nature. Will he also help them get their apple back?

Moo, Moo, Where Are You?
Season 1, Episodes 6

While pretending to be a farm girl, Paula loses one of her toy cows. Where else can it b...
e but at the Farm? The adventurous five become farmers for the day. They help gather sheep and look for food to feed some real-life cows. Moo!! What an experience! But…how will that help them in their quest?

Candy for Thought
Season 1, Episodes 7

Tim brings in a bag of candy, overexcited to share it with the rest of his friends. Paul...
a is a little concerned that Tim might be enjoying candy a little more than he should. After receiving an invitation card from Candy Cane Man, the children make their way to Candyland for a supposed surprise. Will it be more candy like what Tim expects? Or will it be something that holds a little more meaning?

Help a Hand
Season 1, Episodes 8

While Paula and friends are doing some warm-up exercises, clumsy Chalky falls and his ri...
ght arm drops off. The children go to the toy factory to find a mechanic that might be able to help fix Chalky’s arm. The President of the toy factory gives them a mission, which requires them to find robots and toy blocks, and a robot will fix Chalky's arm.

One-Armed Cactus
Season 1, Episodes 9

Paula bought a cactus for Tim and herself, but she lost the one she bought for him. They...
decide to travel to the desert to find this one-armed cactus. They meet a mysterious Uncle Sphinx, and ask for his help. But first they have to solve a riddle, before they can find the one-armed cactus. Will they succeed?

The Eighth Crystal
Season 1, Episodes 10

Paula borrowed a box set of eight crystals from Mr. Astronaut who visited her school. Un...
fortunately, she lost one crystal. Paula and friends decide to travel to the 8th planet from the sun to find the missing crystal. They meet Mr. Astronaut who provided them with jet packs to look for the crystal. But first they have to find the valley with eight craters

School of Thieves
Season 1, Episodes 11

Paula wants to buy flowers for Mum's birthday but is short of one coin. Take a plunge in...
to the underwater world, where helping Mr Octopus build his shell garden helps them earn their last coin, only to have it snatched away by a school of fishes! Can they find it back and buy the flowers?

Hopscotch Hazard
Season 1, Episodes 12

A game of hopscotch and a lost beanbag lead the children into the amazing world of Treas...
ure Island where they help Captain Redbeard the pirate fill up his treasure chest with rubies and diamonds in order to get their beanbag back. Can they find the gems for Redbeard and finish their game?

Easter Egg Hunt
Season 1, Episodes 13

The Easter egg hunt is here again! What happens when an egg goes missing the day before ...
the hunt? Join the gang as their search brings them to Candyland, where they must help Easter Bunny and find the right baker. Can they recover their egg in time for the Easter hunt?

Horsing Around
Season 1, Episodes 14

Paula wishes to ride a horse, and the kids visit the Farm after reading her new book on ...
farm animals and shapes. Helping a forgetful Mr Farmer find his missing tomatoes and Daisy the cow, sends them on an adventure of recognising shapes in animals and objects all over the farm. But will Paula get her wish to ride a horse?

Campfire Thrill
Season 1, Episodes 15

It's campfire time again! The kids are packing but a spoon goes missing. Join them in an...
adventure of lost and found in the Garden, where the Garden Gnome teaches them a precious lesson about taking care of nature.

Beautiful Butterflies
Season 1, Episodes 16

Tim has a class contest! Find caterpillars that will hatch into the biggest butterflies ...
and win. Join the kids as they journey into the exciting jungle world, where they must feed Totem Head in order to find the clue for the caterpillars. But can they find enough bananas to feed a very hungry Totem Head?

Tim's Juggling Trick
Season 1, Episodes 17

Tim wants to show Paula his juggling trick, but one of his juggling balls is missing. Pa...
ula and friends search for Tim’s missing ball in the desert. Watch as Paula and friends learn to match and sort through the merchant’s messy stall before coming face to face with the Sphinx.

Special Delivery
Season 1, Episodes 18

Paula and friends find extra lollipops, delivered to their playroom by mistake. Who do t...
he lollipops belong to? Paula and friends make a trip to Candyland. They visit Mr. Baker at his home on Chocolate Chip Lane to find clues on the lollipops’ owners.

Bedtime Stories
Season 1, Episodes 19

Mr. Astronaut wants to borrow 7 books from Paula. The books have to be about animals. Pa...
ula and friends try to find 7 such books to lend Mr. Astronaut. Along the way, they encounter sleepy aliens who have a bedtime situation. Can Paula and friends help them?

Egg Run
Season 1, Episodes 20

Chalky accidentally cracks the eggs meant for baking Paula’s cake. Paula and friends h...
ead to the Farm to get fresh eggs from Mr. Farmer. They help Mr. Farmer rein in his escaped horses and also learn about comparing between big and small numbers.

Snakes and Shapes
Season 1, Episodes 21

Paula has a fun new toy – a snake-shaped puzzle with lots of different shapes to be fi...
tted in. But one of the pieces has gone missing. Paula and friends go to the Toy Factory to find a replacement. They encounter a robot with many mechanical arms and learn about different shapes, colors and patterns.

The Magic Beans
Season 1, Episodes 22

Paula and friends discover mysterious magic beans that have replaced some green beans th...
ey want to grow. On a mission to solve the mystery of the beans, they travel to the garden to look for the Garden Gnome to search for answers. It appears that he is the owner of the magic beans. They help him find the beans by counting and spelling, finally retrieving their own missing green bean.

Search for New Fruits
Season 1, Episodes 23

Paula’s teacher has asked her to draw a picture of interesting fruits, but she only ha...
s durians drawn so far. Spurred by the curiosity to taste and draw more interesting fruits, they go to the desert to search for some. Along the way, they encounter the Sphinx and the Merchant, whom they solve riddles and learn to barter with, in order to complete their mission to find the new fruits.

Pirate Alert
Season 1, Episodes 24

Paula and friends are playing pirates when a large wave hits their ship. Paula finds her...
favourite seashell is missing from her necklace. They search for it on Treasure Island. Captain Redbeard tasks the children to count and spell the number Nine to get the necklace back.

Home Builders
Season 1, Episodes 25

Paula and friends are building a house out of building blocks. They find that they are m...
issing 2 wooden square blocks to complete the house. Paula and friends head for the Toy Factory to get the blocks. They meet the President of the Toy Factory and help his Toy Robot workers.

A Race to the Finish!
Season 1, Episodes 26

Tim shows Paula and friends his parents’ collection of old coins from the sea. Among t...
he coins, they find a curious and seemingly new coin with the insignia of a mermaid. In a bid to solve the mystery of the coin, they travel to Underwater World to learn of its origin, but are pulled into a race with the sea animals. They finish the race and learn the mystery of the coin.

The Blue Baron
Season 1, Episodes 27

Paula and friends go up in the sky to look for Paula’s missing kite. Their hot-air bal...
loon brings them to Cloudland, where they meet the amazing pilot, the Blue Baron. Paula and friends use clouds of different shapes to form new objects. Mrs. Cloud returns them the lost kite.

Calc's Mission
Season 1, Episodes 28

Calc has gone to Candyland. He leaves a note asking Paula and friends to look for him at...
Mr. Baker’s bakery. Mr. Baker needs their help to decorate the cakes and bake cookies. The children learn to count and spell eight. They later find out the special surprise Calc was working on.

Let's Build a Robot
Season 1, Episodes 29

Paula and friends are building their very own toy robot using robot parts. After assembl...
ing the parts together, they count and realize their creation is missing an arm. The robot is incomplete! Determined to find a robot arm, they visit the Toy Factory in hope to complete their mission. They meet a robot who gives them work to help with in exchange for a new robot arm.

The Sky Cup
Season 1, Episodes 30

The Blue Baron invites Paula and friends to participate in the Sky Cup, a flying race to...
find out who is the fastest in the sky. The competition is fierce with the Blue Baron, and Paula and friends going neck and neck. They pass the check-points and spell from one to five. Who will win the race?

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