The Angels from the Attic (2014)

Hi, we’re The Angels from the Attic. We’re a group of six special friends: Sunray Bear, Crystal Cat, Looner Bunny, Eclipse Doggy, Misty Pig and Twinkle Mouse. We all live in a Magical Attic where anything is possible! We have lots of fun adventures and we love to help our new friends learn about creative play and the important lessons of friendship and helping others.
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Season 1

Sunflower Contest
Season 1, Episodes 1

Looner Bunny and Sunray Bear judge the Angels from the Attic “Sunflower Growing Contes...
t”. Who has the most creative sunflower? Or will the littlest Angel show them all how it is done?

Zebra Dreams
Season 1, Episodes 2

It's Twinkle Mouse's naptime and she has dreams of a great adventure--or was it really a...

Bunny Hop
Season 1, Episodes 3

The Angels from the Attic are having a Dance Party but Crystal Cat isn't happy with the ...
musical selections.

Kooky Spook
Season 1, Episodes 4

It's Halloween Night in the Magical Attic, and Looner Bunny has some tricks in store for...
his friends. But it looks like someone else wants to get in on the kooky spooky fun, too! A Fun Cartoon for anytime of year.

To the Rescue!
Season 1, Episodes 5

Sunray Bear is on duty and comes to the rescue when he sees smoke...but is Looner Bunny ...
really in need of the fire department?

Horse Play
Season 1, Episodes 6

Crystal Cat is all dressed for a day of farm work... but someone else on the farm likes ...
her taste in barnyard fashion. A nice cartoon about sharing and friendship.

Making Friends
Season 1, Episodes 7

Eclipse Doggy is enjoying his picnic when some unexpected visitors come along who are al...
so ready for lunch. A nice cartoon about sharing and making new friends.

A Cut Above
Season 1, Episodes 8

Looner Bunny is working really hard down on the farm. But what is he actually working on...
?! A fun cartoon about thinking creatively

The Big Race
Season 1, Episodes 9

Looner Bunny thinks he's sure to win when he decides to challenge a sea turtle to an und...
erwater race! But he'll learn it's not all about who crosses the Finish Line first. A fun cartoon about making friends and helping others.

Flamingo Feat
Season 1, Episodes 10

Crystal Cat visits the jungle and helps an unsteady flamingo find her balance. A nice c...
artoon about helping others and making friends.

Season 1, Episodes 11

Misty Pig has a perfect night to look through the telescope. What does she see dancing ...
in the sky? A fun cartoon about discovery.

Shadow Play
Season 1, Episodes 12

Looner Bunny and Eclipse Doggy go camping in the backyard. Will someone come out of the...
shadows to ruin their fun?

Friends to the Finish
Season 1, Episodes 13

Looner Bunny and Eclipse Doggy are off to the races but does it really matter who crosse...
s the finish line first? A nice cartoon about the importance of working together and friendship.

Origami Fish
Season 1, Episodes 14

CRAFT: How to make an Origami Fish...

Create Paper Plane
Season 1, Episodes 15

CRAFT: How to make a paper plane...

Making a Dog Puppet
Season 1, Episodes 16

CRAFT: Making a paper cup Dog puppet...

Create a ShoePrint Horse
Season 1, Episodes 17

CRAFT: Making a Horse from your shoe print...

Inner Space
Season 1, Episodes 18

Eclipse Doggy in outer space!...

The Flight
Season 1, Episodes 19

Twinkle Mouse dreams of flying...

Season 1, Episodes 20

Beauty Sleeping can be dangerous!...

Downhill Bunny
Season 1, Episodes 21

Looner Bunny goes skiing on a huge mountain...

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