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Going to the beach

Tips for Fun at the Beach With Kids!

July 8th, 2015

Going to the beach

Summer is here and for many no summer is complete without a trip to the beach. Sun, sand and surf come together to make a great trip for the entire family. However, getting ready for a trip to the beach can seem a daunting task.

Here are some of the things we never visit the beach without:

  • Sun Screen – Apply your sunscreen early and often. Remember that sunscreen needs to be applied liberally. Most experts recommend a shot glass full of sunscreen for an average person. Also remember to reapply after going in the water and after toweling off or playing in the sand.
  • Sun Protecting Clothing – For kids, sunscreen can be a battle. Protect them with longer shorts and sun protecting swim shirts.
  • Sun Hat – Keep that noggin covered!
  • Beach Chairs – While a towel on the sand will do in a pinch, beach chairs are always nice especially when you are spending lots of time on the sand.
  • A Beach Blanket – Blanket on one side and vinyl on the other, beach blankets are perfect for relaxing or for a picnic.
  • Snacks! – Snacks are a requirement for any trip to the beach. Pack items that don’t need to be kept cold and aren’t squishy or sticky for the best results.
  • Water and other drinks – Keeping hydrated under the sun is very important. Make sure to have plenty of cool water on hand for everyone.
  • Wet Wipes – No one likes to eat their snacks with sandy hands. Wet wipes are easy and make sure everyone’s hands are clean (ish) before they eat.
  • Towels – Throw in a few extra just in case a few get wet, sandy, sticky or lost.
  • Light Jackets – As the sun sets or after too much sun exposure, the gentle sea breeze can feel a bit cold. A light jacket keeps everyone comfortable while you are packing up.
  • Wet face cloths in a zippered sandwich bag – Perfect on a hot face after too much sun or if a bit of sunscreen gets into a little one’s eye.
  • Beach Toys – It’s hard to build a sandcastle without a bucket!
  • Camera – You will want to capture the fun on your little one’s faces.

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Have fun!

~ Merry & Alicia