Family Time just got real

Use Roku to stream Kidoodle.TV® to your TV.

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Roku ® players offer you and your family the opportunity to stream over 1,700 channels right to your TV. Easy to set up and with a huge selection, your family's TV needs are taken care of. To make it even better, the Kidoodle.TV channel is now available for download on Roku. Imagine your child's favorite cartoons and educational shows all on the big screen.

On the go or right at home

There are so many ways to watch and use Kidoodle.TV. Access kids' TV shows and movies on multiple devices, at home or on the go, and check in on your child’s usage with ‘parental analytics’.

Even better, use the Family Moments™ feature to upload your own home movies* and watch together on your TV with Roku. Re-live your favorite Family Moments on the big screen!

*Go to to learn more.

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