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Making Learning to Read Fun - KidoodleTV

Making Learning to Read Fun

September 24th, 2014

Making Learning to Read Fun - KidoodleTV

Learning to read is a huge milestone during childhood. Unfortunately, it can feel like an insurmountable challenge at times for both children and their parents. Figuring out how to make reading fun is a key part of raising a successful reader. Here are some of our best tips and tricks.

  • Be a good reading role model for your child. Seeing you reading a book will make your child understand that reading is a fun activity that can be done for pleasure and relaxation.
  • Make age appropriate reading material easily accessible. Make sure that fun books are available around the house for your child to read and don’t discount books and comics that feature favorite cartoon characters. At this age, getting children excited to read and share is more important than the subject matter.
  • Play fun activities that teach during play. Here are some of our favorites (all from No Time for Flashcards, a blog we love):
  • Make reading a daily ritual. Studies show that reading with your child increases their chance of being a proficient reader. Pick books that have subjects that engage your child and they will love reading time.
  • Visit the library. Children get to decide on very few things in life. Visiting the library and letting them pick their own books is a great way to encourage reading. Also check with your local library for children’s activities, reading times and other fun reading based activities.
  • Subscribe to a magazine for your child. Who doesn’t love getting mail? Receiving a magazine in the mail just for them can make a child feel extra special and make them want to read it over and over.
  • Make a cozy reading nook. A quiet corner can become a reading haven. A comfy chair or pillows coupled with a lamp and a bookshelf can move reading from a chore to a favorite after-school activity.

The love of reading is long lasting if it is instilled early in childhood. Does your child have a favorite cartoon character from the shows they watch on Kidoodle.TV? Check out your local library or bookstore to find books that feature them.

While learning to read can seem like a hard hill to climb, it is definitely worth it.

~ Merry & Alicia