Why We Love ‘Tales of Tatonka’

October 5th, 2017

Shows that have the right balance of education and entertainment can be hard to come by. At Kidoodle.TV, we make an effort to carry a wide variety of shows that maintain this balance. One of our favorite examples is Tales of Tatonka. Meet Wanji, Nunpa, Yamni, and Topa, four wolf-cubs who live with their parents amidst a wolf pack in the plains and forests of North America. Together they learn valuable lessons from the great bison, Tatonka. Find out more about why we love this show so much!

1. Great animation

North America is brought to life with some truly great 3D animation. Wherever you call home, the world of Tatonka is vividly presented, transporting you through wild rivers, snowy fields, and thick forests. Additionally, the characters are visually kind and brave, which allows children to connect with them in important ways.

2. Educational mini documentaries

Each episode ends with a two-minute documentary that features an animal living in the forest. These documentaries are great ways to connect the animated animals with their real-life counterparts, fostering a better understanding of the world of Tatonka and this exciting ecosystem. These small videos are also a great way to enhance understanding of the character interactions just watched.

3. Bison, and wolves, and bears, oh my!

Tales of Tatonka is chock full of different animals that live in North America. While episodes focus on main characters (bears, wolves, and the great bison), you can find cameos from some of the smaller, interesting animals that also live within this ecosystem. Learn more about these majestic creatures and enhance your children’s understanding of this vast and beautiful world.

4. Lessons galore

While there are some great lessons that involve science, nature, and geography, Tales of Tatonka also includes many more lessons that directly relate to growing up and discovering oneself. The young wolf-cubs often find themselves in trouble and in need of help from their parents or friends. The valuable lessons they learn parallel life lessons that are also valuable to kids. This healthy balance of life lessons and science allows children to take much more away from this great show.

These are just a few of the reasons why we love Tales of Tatonka.  Simply log into your account here (or, if you don’t have an account, sign up today) to watch and enjoy, and let us know what makes you want to keep tuning in. What do you and your family love about this show? We would love to hear from you.

~ Alicia & Jeremy