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Newly Launched Kidoodle.TV Partners with Philanthropist Family to Benefit Kids

March 25th, 2014

Calgary, AB – March 25, 2014 – Joining forces to benefit children, Kidoodle.TV is pleased to welcome philanthropist, Tom Crist, and his family to the Kidoodle.TV team!

Recently making a multi-million dollar personal investment in Kidoodle.TV’s parent company, A Parent Media Co. Inc. (“APMC”), with his charitable foundation the intended beneficiary, Crist and his family have announced intentions of working with Kidoodle.TV to find ways to reach out and better the lives of children and families.

Tom Crist, former CEO of Calgary’s EECOL Electric, was recently in the news due to a $40 million lottery winning. Crist announced plans to place the windfall in a family trust to be donated over the coming years to select charities in honor of his late wife, Jan Crist, who passed away from cancer. The Crist Family Foundation was formally established in March 2014. The family had already personally donated $1.2 million to the Alberta Cancer Foundation, which collects donations for Calgary’s Tom Baker Cancer Centre, the Centre that cared for his wife.

It is the intention of the Crist family to work together to find ways to benefit causes near and dear to their hearts, including causes that benefit children. The family also intends to pool its resources to grow its foundation so that it can continue to undertake philanthropic activities for years to come.

“Kidoodle.TV not only represented an opportunity to invest in a company that we think has great growth potential, but it also allows us to work with a company that has similar values and that can provide a return on investment that is more than money,” says Crist. “We care about the human return.”

Crist adds, “We speak of our kids as our national treasures, our best hope for the future, and our greatest loves. We cherish them, protect them from harm, and comfort them when they are in need. But unfortunately, not all kids are so lucky in their circumstances. By working together to find opportunities to benefit kids and families, we can stretch our resources.”

Mike Lowe, President of APMC, was honored by the vote of confidence and agrees that the new order of corporate vision needs to combine return on investment with corporate responsibility and giving back. “Kids and families are obviously our focus. The Kidoodle.TV team is excited to be working with the Crist family on future initiatives, especially seeing how committed and caring the Crist family is. This family has a genuine interest in making the world a better place!”

Kidoodle.TV and the Crist family will be working closely over the coming months to identify and develop suitable opportunities for collaboration.

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