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Earth Day2015

Great Activities for Celebrating Earth Day 2015

April 15th, 2015

Earth Day2015

April 22, 2015 is the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day. It’s a great time to remind yourself and your children of the importance of taking care of our home, the Earth. Wondering how to do that in an age appropriate way? Check out the‘s Climate Education week for educational videos and activities for different age groups.

Also make sure to check our Earth Day post from last year with ideas on how you can make small changes around your home to make it more Earth friendly.

Here are some great activities that can start conversations with your child about the Earth and why conserving is important. Remember that this can be an everyday conversation, not just on Earth Day.


hairys hair copy


Learning how to grow plants is a great way to remind kids of all the things that plants need to stay green and healthy. Make this cute little Hairy craft from Mom vs the Boys and let your kids watch Hairy’s grass hair grow.



Take your kids for a nature walk with the help of this fun Nature Scavenger Hunt printable from Best Birthdays. It’s a fun way to get back to nature and remember what we need to protect.




Is your child’s school having an Earth Day celebration? These cute mint chocolate plant parfaits from Tales of a Ranting Ginger look like a cute little plant and they are fun to make and eat.


Dino Squad


Watch an Earth Day themed show like Dino Squad. In Season 1, Episode 21, Fiona and Rodger enter an Earth Day eco-race but their faulty vehicle-design and inability to work together (not to mention a swarm of mutant-locust-saurs) may keep them from making it to the finish line. Available in both the US and Canada on Kidoodle.TV.

And remember, young children can’t take in sweeping information about climate change and protecting the earth. Keep it simple and in small bits of information so they can learn without feeling worried. No matter how you frame it, protecting the earth and making more environmentally friendly decisions is something that we all can do, even kids!

Happy Earth Day!

~ Merry and Alicia