Gardening with Kids!

June 7th, 2017

When we hear about people who garden, it often conjures up certain images; maybe a large sprawling backyard garden, hours of laborious work, and someone with an immaculate “green thumb”. However, gardening can encompass many different sizes, tasks and expectations. Having a small garden at home is a great way for families to get outside, have fun, and learn about responsibility. Additionally, it can provide engaging learning experiences for children and a healthy source of food for the whole family. The Kidoodle.TV team rounded up these gardening basics for a kid-friendly gardening experience!

Make it their own

Working on a garden as a family is fun and rewarding, but as we all suspect, there is a high chance that most of the gardening work will fall solely to you. A great way to encourage personal responsibility in your children is to create a small area that is specifically for your children. Allow them to make it their own by having a say in what plants or flowers will be grown there and let them take on the work of watering and cultivating. This will allow your children to have pride in their work and grow their slate of responsibilities in the household.

Pick the best plants for kids

Some plants lend themselves to kid-friendly gardening and finding the right plants can really get children fired up about their own garden. Plants that have a unique smell, grow fast, have bright colors, and are easy to recognize are a good place to start. We found a fun list from Gardening Know How that includes inspiration for an amazing kid-friendly garden.

Choose the right location

Spend some time with your children choosing a perfect location for a garden. Whether you have a large space or a small space to work with will impact your choices. Be sure to consider the type of plants you’ll be growing, how much time you have to dedicate to your garden, and a place where plants can get lots of sunlight. If you don’t have much of an outdoor space to start your garden, consider using containers or small flower boxes to grow on a balcony or shelf.

(Photo Credit: Adobe Stock.)

If you’re interesting in finding more information about gardening with your kids, be sure to visit Kids Gardening or check out our gardening board on the Kidoodle.TV Pinterest page.

Happy gardening!

~ Alicia & Jeremy