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Enjoying Kidoodle.TV on iOS

Enjoying Kidoodle.TV On Your Apple (iOS) Device!

February 19th, 2014

Enjoying Kidoodle.TV on the go has never been easier now that Apple (iOS) and Android apps are available. In fact, we published an overview of the Android app a few weeks ago and then realized we hadn’t created one for the iOS app. We couldn’t let that go, so here is a step by step guide to running Kidoodle.TV on your Apple device.


Step 1: Register for Kidoodle.TV through your web browser at to set up your account. All you need to do is create your username (i.e. your email address) and password. The great news is that new subscribers can trial the service for free for 14 days (no credit card required).

The rest of your set-up, including Kid Profile creation and customization, can be done through either the browser or the app.


Step 2: Go to the Apple App Store and download the Kidoodle.TV app.


Kidoodle App Screen


Step 3: Login to the Kidoodle.TV app using your Kidoodle.TV username and password.


App login screen


Step 4: If you set up your Kid Profiles on the Kidoodle.TV website (through the browser), you will see them through the app. Pick the profile you want to use to watch shows immediately OR click to enter the Parents Room (you will need your 4 digit parental passcode) to continue with your set-up and customization.


Kidoodle.TV iOS App Profiles and Parents Room

Once in the Parents Room, you can add another profile (“add a Kid”) or choose an existing profile to customize. Once you are done editing, press “Save” and then “Watch Now” at the top of the screen. All profiles will be listed.


Step 5: If are ready to watch shows, select a profile. If you selected the Lock icon for that profile within the Parents Room, you will be asked for the passcode to access the profile. You will then be asked to set a time limit. Set the limit and click “Watch Now!”


KidoodleTV iOS App Time Limit Screen


Step 6: You are all set! Hand the device to your child and let them choose what they want to watch from Kidoodle.TV’s safe and fun children’s programming.


We hope this step by step tutorial has helped you with installing the iOS app. If you have any questions, please contact us at


~ Merry & Alicia