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The rules are changing. Are you ready?

Data protection is increasingly becoming one of the major concerns of online consumers and regulations are being strengthened to reflect that. With large markets now implementing, and enforcing, data protection advertisers are looking for compliant partners to help navigate and deliver ads.

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A  Family-Focused Solution!

Kidoodle.TV® offers Big Brand Advertisers COPPA compliant contextual ad targeting via our family-focused streaming service that is brand-safe and transparent on returns. With 100+ million connected TV ad impressions per month we offer worldwide placement in a variety of platforms to an expansive audience.

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Curated Content

Human-vetted content that aligns with your brand values and is transparent on returns.

Global Reach

Worldwide reach on connected TV’s for 40+ million impressions per month.

Family Centric

A Kid-safe streaming service to be enjoyed right in the family room.

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