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7 Shows Perfect for Back to School

August 30th, 2017

It’s that time of year when children across the country are getting ready to head back to school and continue their studies. Getting back into the routine of school can be a bit of a shock to the system, but hopefully you’ve followed some of our tips for back to school prep. Besides these helpful hints, we’ve rounded up a few shows that can be found on Kidoodle.TV* which have an educational basis.

1. Kit^n^Kate

Two small kitties named Kit and Kate love their toy box. As soon as they hop inside, their imagination transforms their room into anything they can think of, complete with amazing discoveries, surprises and not-so-easy-to-solve dilemmas. Each episode is built to teach simple lessons to kids.

Themes:        Early Learning, Imagination, Teamwork

Age:                 2 – 6

2. Counting with Paula

Paula and her friends, Tim, Billy, Chalkie, Calc and the Numbers spend each episode going on exciting adventures to colorful and exotic places. From the Amazon jungles to the deepest oceans, and to the hottest deserts and even outer space, Paula and friends solve problems, have fun and make more friends along the way!

Themes:        Numeracy, Counting, Teamwork

Age:                4 – 6

3. Blippi

Join Blippi, the goofy and educational host on an adventure of learning colors, shapes, numbers, fun facts, and letters while tying in with things kids love, like tractors, animals, planes, fire trucks, and so much more!

Themes:        Early Learning, Coloring, Machinery

Age:                 2 – 6

 4. Tea Time with Tayla

This entertaining and educational show for kids focuses on nursery rhymes, kid songs, children’s music, ABCs, colors, shapes and more!

Themes:        ABCs, Colors, Shapes, Crafts, Songs

Age:                2 – 6

 5. Alex & the Kaleidoscope

This interactive music entertainment show encourages and inspires kids to celebrate and learn through the power of songs, fun facts and adventures to interesting places around the world.

Themes:        Animals, Songs, Science, Imagination, Dinosaurs, Museum Fun

Age:               4 – 8

6. Tales of Tatonka

Share great laughs and thrilling adventures in the wilderness! Meet Wanji, Nunpa, Yamni and Topa, four wolf-cubs who live with their parents in the plains and forests of North America. Tune in to the end of each episode to learn more about the wild areas in which they live.

Themes:        Animals, Ecosystems, Science, Teamwork

Age:                5 – 8

7. Charlie & Company

Follow Charlie and his cartoon friends as they explore fun places and solve the “puzzle it out” question of the day.

Themes:        Friendship, Problem Solving, Numeracy, Literacy, Fitness, Music, Teamwork

Age:                5 – 8

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What educational shows would you like to see on Kidoodle.TV? Does your child have a favorite show from which they learn and grow? Is there a show that you feel is perfect for back to school? Comment below or share on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

~ Alicia & Jeremy


*Note: Not all shows are available in all regions. For a breakdown or more information review our list of Available Content.