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5 Ways to Prep Your Kids for Back to School!

August 23rd, 2017

Back to school is right around the corner but for many, the “season” has already started. Why a “season”? Well, it’s not just a day to send your children back to school. There’s supply shopping, new clothes, altered bed times, and more that goes into preparing for the routine of school, and for many kids it may be their first time attending school. Because it can be such a hectic time, we’ve rounded up a few ways to help prepare your young ones for heading back to school.

1. Reset Your Summer Schedule

The summer is a great time filled with late night family fun and epic sleep-ins, but a student has the greatest chance for success when they’ve had enough sleep. It’s prudent to start bringing bed times back in line with what you practice for the school year. We recommend doing this gradually so it won’t be such a shock to the system for your little ones. It’s also wise to start waking everyone up earlier each day as well, which will help when it’s time for those early school days. The sooner you start, the easier it will be to have your children ready for the routine of school.

2. Build a School Year Calendar

Another way to mentally prepare for the school year is to work with your children to create a calendar for the school year. This can be a fun craft day or you can simply use a regular calendar. Be sure to add in any holidays, school events, class schedules, field trips, doctors appointments, and other important events. Having a master calendar will help your family stay organized and is a great way to get everyone thinking about the upcoming school year.

3. Create a Work or Study Space

Your children may or may not have homework this coming year but it’s important to create a small workspace to organize papers, make crafts and prepare for the next day. This can be a space to complete school assignments, read, or undertake other school-related tasks. Ensure the space is quiet, tidy, and has a healthy stock of supplies. Keeping up with a routine of using this workspace for school related tasks will help establish a homework and study routine, encourage organization, and prevent procrastination.

4. Review Last Year

Spend time reviewing things learned last year. These don’t have to be full on study sessions, but simply a chance to remind young brains about the concepts that were covered in the previous year and practice printing skills. This will help your children jump into the new school year right from where they left off.

5. Set Goals

Set goals for the upcoming school year. These goals can be as specific or broad as you like and could include things like, “read one book a week” or “set aside at least an hour of review time each weekend”. Having goals to work towards during the year will keep your kids focused and ready for success.

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What is your favorite part of back to school? Have you completed all your shopping for the new year? Are your kids excited to go back? Leave us a message and tell us more.

~ Alicia & Jeremy