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Summer Fun

41 Inexpensive Summer Fun Ideas

June 17th, 2015

Summer Fun

Summer is just around the corner. With school out, warm weather and sunny days, it is the perfect time to plan some fun activities with the kids. Here’s a list of fun activities to do this summer.

  1. Have a fun family movie night. If it is raining, inside works great. If not, head outside for a movie under the stars.
  2. Go camping at home in your own back yard.
  3. Have a water gun fight.
  4. Go stargazing with your kids.
  5. Blow bubbles. Want an extra challenge? Blow bubbles and let your kids shoot at them with water guns.
  6. Decorate the sidewalks with sidewalk chalk.
  7. Learn to jump or skip rope.
  8. Take a picnic to the park.
  9. Play in the water sprinkler in your yard. Here are some great ideas for DIY sprinklers.
  10. Take advantage of free events in your town. Check your town’s website or paper to find information on upcoming events.
  11. Set up a lemonade stand.
  12. Make cookies and deliver them to your neighbors.
  13. Go fishing.
  14. Visit a new park in your town.
  15. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.
  16. Catch fireflies (If you live somewhere that has them. Calgary doesn’t.)
  17. Teach your kids how to use a camera.
  18. Try squirt gun painting.
  19. Set up water ballon piñatas in the back yard.
  20. Make no-churn homemade ice cream.
  21. Make S’Mores.
  22. Have a campfire.
  23. Learn to make friendship bracelets or Rainbow Loom bracelets (tutorials on Kidoodle.TV!).
  24. Tie dye T-shirts for the whole family.
  25. Homemade sponge ball toss.
  26. Make rainbow bubble snakes.
  27. Make pom pom shooters.
  28. Make Kool-Aid slime.
  29. Go to the library.
  30. Play hopscotch.
  31. Make rock candy.
  32. Make a homemade bouncy ball.
  33. Have a homemade slurpie day.
  34. Feeling handy? Make an outdoor chalkboard for your back fence.
  35. Show our feathered friends some love by making DIY bird feeders.
  36. Build a cardboard playhouse.
  37. Make ice cream in a bag.
  38. Paint a rock caterpillar for your garden.
  39. Try painting with ice chalk and oil.
  40. Make a DIY key wind chime.
  41. Need stepping stones in your garden? Here are directions for how to make them.
41 Ideas for InexpensiveSummer Fun

We hope some of these suggestions for summer fun will help you have your best summer yet!

~ Merry & Alicia