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4 Ways to Make Your Child’s Lunch Extra Special

September 14th, 2017

Making lunches for your children day after day can get quite monotonous. Trying to ensure you pack something that’s healthy and that they’ll actually eat is stressful enough, but trying to make lunch fun or unique is often too much to even consider. While we believe that healthy food is the best thing to aim for, we also think there are fun ways to add originality back into your lunches that are sure to get your children excited about the mid-day break. Consider these four tips to make your children’s lunch extra special.

1. Think Outside the Crust

Sandwiches are an easy and balanced way to fill your child’s lunch kits. But making the same old sandwich the same old way each day is sure to get boring and leave your kid with “sandwich fatigue”. Don’t limit yourself and don’t be afraid to be creative. Consider wraps, pinwheel sandwiches, or even lunch kebabs. Our good friends at Wean Green write a tasty blog series filled with recipes and meal planning ideas that are sure to spark your creativity. (Wean Green also specializes in tempered glass containers, which are perfect for lunches!)

2. Color Coordinate

Imagine opening up your lunch kit and being greeted by not only great food but by a completely fun visual image. Sounds difficult, right? Well, don’t worry, we have a simple trick that’s sure to get you inspired and your children saying “wow!” When planning meals for the week consider color coordinating your lunches. You could go monochromatic or you could pair colors together for special events (black and orange for Halloween, red and green for December, red and pink for Valentine’s day, etc.) For a monochromatic pallet, start with easy ones like green. Include green grapes, broccoli soup, celery, cucumber, pickles, and avocado mac & cheese. For some great examples, check out the wonderful The Mom 100.

(Photo Credit: The Mom 100)

3. Homemade Lunchables

Coordinating color is a great way for you to express your creativity but it’s also fun to foster creativity in your children. “Lunchables” is one way to accomplish this. Allowing your children to mix and match their food is not only fun, but also encourages them to make decisions, discover what flavor combinations they like, and break some rules within the framework of being creative. Making your own luncheables is a great way to keep costs down, choose the types of food you want your children to consume, and ensure you know the quality of the food. For ideas, check out the Kidoodle.TV Pinterest page and specifically our School | Work Lunches board  and our Fun Food for Kids Board.

4. Add a note

We’ve focused on food choices, but sometimes the food isn’t the most important part. As your children start to expand their reading skills, it’s nice to include a little note from dad or mom. Something simple and fun to remind your children about how much you love them is a great way to mentally check in with them.

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How do you “spice” up your family’s lunches? Do you have a way that you specifically indulge your creativity through meal planning? We’d love to hear your stories so let us know the answers to these questions by commenting below.

~ Alicia & Jeremy