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33 Ways to Celebrate Canada!!

June 28th, 2017

Confederated in 1867, July 1st is Canada’s birthday officially known as “Canada Day”. It’s no secret that Kidoodle.TV was created by Canadians and is based in Calgary, Alberta. Needless to say we’re pretty excited for our national holiday, especially because this year marks 150 years since Canada became a country. Whether you’re Canadian or not, here are 33 ways you and your family can celebrate Canada Day!

  1. Eat Poutine.
  2. Sing the Canadian national anthem, “O-Canada”.
  3. Watch Canadian-made cartoons on Kidoodle.TV (including: Jessie FarrellGinalina’s Music ClubWill’s JamsDinostoryHowdytoons, to name a few!)
  4. Wear a white cowboy hat.
  5. Grab some sticks and a ball and play road hockey. “Car!!!”
  6. Wear a toque.
  7. Eat a Nanaimo Bar.
  8. Have a donut at Tim Hortons.
  9. Go for a hike.
  10. Make your own Stanley Cup.
  11. Say, “eh.”
  12. See a Cirque Du Soleil show.
  13. Go camping in the great outdoors.
  14. Have maple syrup on your pancakes.
  15. Ketchup chips… need we say more?
  16. Look at dreamy photos of Ryan Gosling.
  17. Watch the northern lights.
  18. Put a Canadian flag patch on your backpack.
  19. Look for maple tree leaves.
  20. Learn about Canada’s Aboriginal peoples.
  21. Watch the fireworks in Ottawa.
  22. Get moving.
  23. Learn the Canadian provinces with this fun printable.
  24. Have red and white cupcakes.
  25. Read a Robert Munsch book.
  26. Eat some Swedish Fish gummies.
  27. Learn about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  28. Be nice to a stranger.
  29. Say, “sorry.”
  30. Speak some French (Canada has two official national languages – English and French!)
  31. Find out how multicultural Canada is!
  32. Wear a “Canadian Tuxedo”.
  33. Try and find a Canadian penny… we dare you!

(Photo Credit: Adobe Stock.)

Want to learn more about the history of Canada or Canada’s 150th birthday? Find everything at the official Canada 150 webpage. To find more Canadian (and non-Canadian) programming for kids on Kidoodle.TV,  look through our available content.

For more Canadian inspiration, follow our Canada Day board on the Kidoodle.TV Pinterest page.

How are you going to celebrate Canada Day? Is there anything we’ve left off of our list? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

~ Alicia & Jeremy