3 Ways to Have a Winning Long-Weekend BBQ!

May 18th, 2017

Long weekends during the late spring and summer months are the perfect excuse for a backyard barbeque with friends and family. Hosting a BBQ is a great way to catch up with friends, enjoy the outdoors, and eat some amazing food. With a few simple tricks you can change a standard BBQ into a winning long-weekend BBQ! We’ve put together three tips to make your long-weekend one to remember.

1. Theme your BBQ!

Add an razzle dazzle to your backyard BBQ and choose an interesting theme. Adding a theme adds a layer of fun and a unifying element to the day. Consider choosing a theme that is simple but easy to recognize. Keeping it simple allows guests to feel included without putting in a great deal of work. Here’s a quick list of theme ideas:

  • Flower theme – decorate your backyard with seasonal flowers, flower table clothes, napkins, and a paint your own flower pot station.
  • Color party – choose a special color to decorate with and encourage your guests to dress in that color. Set up a photo booth and provide ideas for different photo shoots, such as build a rainbow out of guests.
  • Light party – string lights in your backyard, hand out glow sticks, get the sparklers going, and light up the evening.
  • Country theme – choose a country to represent and ask guests to bring dishes inspired by or from that country. Post a map, speak the language, and play ‘Did You Know’ about that country’s customs.
  • Tex Mex – Salsa, tacos, burritos, mmmm. Try some new recipes that keep with the theme. Get out the hot sauce and have some mouth cooling antidotes prepared. Our mouths are watering already!
  • Beach theme – Add seafood to the menu, get the bonfire started, ask guests to come in shorts and T-shirts, get the beach tunes playing, and add in the beach decorations. You’re all set!

2. Play backyard games

One of the best memories from backyard BBQ’s we had as children was when everyone got together to play games. Whether it’s “pig in the middle”, “ladder ball” or “tag” who doesn’t love backyard games? Setting up few different games will keep children busy and will remind adults to be active. For inspiration, pull from this great list of DIY backyard games and remember to get the adults in on the action.

3. Stir up some yummy cocktails

Choose a few delicious cocktails and mocktails to have on hand for guests. Adding fun drinks will add something special to your event and give friends something fun to talk about. Here’s a great list of examples to inspire you!

(Photo Credit: Adobe Stock.)


Want another way to keep children occupied? Consider adding coloring and activity sheets. This is a great way to add some quiet time to the day. You can download and print these Everything’s Rosie, Wills Jams, Ginalina’s Music Club, Counting with Paula, and Toobys activity sheets courtesy of Kidoodle.TV.

What are your favorite BBQ traditions? For even more ideas, check out our Summer Ideas Board  on Pinterest.

Happy BBQ-ing!

~ Alicia & Jeremy