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3 Fun Halloween Traditions for Your Family!

October 26th, 2017

Whether your family is just starting out or is growing faster than you can keep up with, you know that having a set of fun traditions to look forward to can bring you all closer together. Some of the best memories of being a kid include unique and fun family traditions…especially those that revolve around annual holidays. Halloween is just around the corner and we wanted to jump into the season with some fun traditions for your family to try.

1. Take Halloween Themed Pictures

Let’s be honest showing off your spook-tacular costume is fifty percent of the holiday fun. Make an annual event of pre-trick-or-treating pictures to capture all of the memories. Instead of simple pictures get creative and have some fun. Consider laying down some red fabric, turning on some swanky lighting, and letting the kids strut their stuff in the most awesome way possible! These pictures will be great keepsakes and a great way to remember Halloweens gone by. If you want to go a step further you can turn on an energetic song (like “Monster Mash”) and film the runway action. From there, upload your videos into Kidoodle.TV for later viewing on all your devices and for sharing with friends and family using Family Moments™.

2. Instead of Scare, Care!

It’s easy to associate Halloween as a time of year to scare our friends and have fun with our ghoulish side, but starting a family tradition that involves caring for others is a great way to celebrate Halloween. Getting your family involved in your community is as easy as going to a local seniors centre and sharing Halloween costumes and treats with seniors, or bringing some (peanut-free) holiday treats to your local food bank, or visiting the pediatric ward at the hospital with small, non-food goodies. Instilling community-minded values in your kids early is a great way to put them on a path of kindness for the future. Using this holiday as another opportunity to give back will not only make you feel good about yourself but also bring much needed kindness to the world.

3. Send a “Boo” to your Neighbors  

There’s a fun tradition that many families already partake in. It’s a great way to stir up some fun in your neighborhood and is pretty simple to do. The tradition of “Booing” encourages people to secretly surprise their neighbors (or friends and family) with gift baskets. The sky’s the limit with how creative you want to get with your “booing”.

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~ Alicia & Jeremy