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12 Spring Activities For Your Family

April 6th, 2016

Winter is officially over and if your family is anything like ours, they’re getting a little squirrely. Luckily, we’ve got 12 Spring activity ideas for you and your family.

Little girl posing with watering can

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  1. Take a hike! No, we’re not being rude. Plan a family hike to a local nature reserve, park, or mountain range.
  2. Have a Spring BBQ. Get the neighbors together for the first BBQ of the season.
  3. Spring cleaning. Okay, this one may take some convincing but get the whole family together to tuck away all your winter belongings and get a nice, fresh clean of the house. For extra fun, take before and after pictures.
  4. Try a family painting project. Choose something to paint and spend a couple hours each week painting as a family. Each person could work on their own canvass or everyone can work on one big group canvass.
  5. Start a family flower garden. Take the family out to choose their own flowers to plant and care for. Flowers are like pets, only there’s no doody to clean up.
  6. Fly a kite. Spring weather sometimes is pretty windy and that provides the perfect conditions for kite flying.
  7. Create a Spring themed scavenger hunt. Create a list of fun springtime items that kids can find around the yard or neighborhood. Think of certain insects, plants, colors, etc.
  8. Go on a picnic. Head out to a local park and have a picnic. Remember to keep it to simple finger foods to make things easy.
  9. Play a round of mini-golf. A good game of mini-golf is a great way to bond as a family, complete with a little friendly competition.
  10. Make a sidewalk chalk mural. Grab some sidewalk chalk and make your driveway into a huge piece of art. Pose in front of or as part of the mural.
  11. Write a letter. Choose a friend or family member and write them a real, physical letter. People (especially grand-parents) love getting letters in the mail.
  12. Read some Spring-themed books. Go to your local library and take out some Spring-themed books to read as a family.


Children playing outdoors in spring park

(Photo Credit: Fotolia.)

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What activities do you have planned for your family this Spring? Let us know by commenting below.

~ Alicia & Jeremy