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10 Totally Fun St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts

March 16th, 2016


St. Patrick’s day is the day that we celebrate everything Irish! And to jump in on the fun, here are 10 totally fun St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts.


1) If you thought the very first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in Ireland, then you’d be wrong. It was actually held in Boston in 1737.

2) For every one 4-leaf clover, there are approximately 10,000 3-leaf clovers. If you happen to find a 4-leaf clover, hold onto it because it’s a lucky find.

3) “Patrick” was not St. Patrick’s real name. His given name was actually Maewyn Succat. Try saying that five times fast!

4) St. Patrick was said to have died on March 17, 461 AD, which is why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th each year.

5) Believe it or not, green was originally considered an unlucky color and so St. Patrick’s blue was considered the symbolic color of Ireland. Even today, the Irish Presidential Standard is still blue.

6) The national symbol of Ireland is not the shamrock but actually the harp.

7) People who celebrate the holiday in the USA spend approximately $36.52 per person. This amounts to a total of $4.6 billion being spent on St. Patrick’s Day each year.

8) The city of Chicago really goes green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Each year the Chicago River is dyed green. It lasts about 5 hours before it starts to turn back to its natural color.

9) Recent census data reports that approximately 33 million U.S. residents claim to have Irish ancestry. This is about seven times the total population of Ireland.

10) St. Patrick wasn’t actually Irish. In fact, he was from Wales and came to Ireland after he was kidnapped by pirates.

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How are you planning on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? Do you have Irish heritage? Remember to wear green…or we’ll pinch you! 😉


~ Alicia & Jeremy